Owners / Management

As a business in the most competitive field we realize that we have a responsibility to keep moving forward in a developing world and in which the half-life of forecasts is becoming increasingly shorter. As BCM, we must be competitive and work together to achieve our goals. We have worked hard to get to the top. Success will follow in our footsteps.

Our employment force is the backbone of our business as they are the primary input and the ones who strive the hard to deliver the best. Customer expectations and requirement is the priority and the base of your business. Proximity is the sole demand that we stick to in the ever growing and developing market.

This engineering unit has been conceptualized by Mr. Bora, Mr. Chalke, and Mr. Makwana and since then it has been flourishing.

Responsible management and continued development has made us ambitious, we are also connecting our past learning’s to corporate culture. We are nurturing commitment, trust and reliability which will further result in to more success and growth.

We see it as our duty to continue to develop the company responsibly and successfully.